Matthew Squires keeps the slacker vibe alive in Austin

Matthew Squires

Matthew Squires
is that slightly offbeat singer-songwriter who convinces you to let your guard down. His self-deprecating view on life takes on psychedelic overtones in an earnest effort to support the mantra of keeping Austin weird. The unassuming demeanor of Squires would send a motivational speaker into a tirade unless of course it was Chris Farley living in a van down by the river. In that case, the two would get along marvelously! 

In the land of food trucks, pedicabs and SXSW, Squires quietly plays shows never venturing out much beyond the city limits. He has released several albums since 2012 with his most recent 'Tambaleo' picking up some decent reviews. One of the stand out tracks is 'Shape of Your Heart'. We can't get this song out of our heads and the video has this eerie, but matter-of-fact playfulness all done on a shoe-string budget.

"With no label support," explains Squires, "I had a kickstarter fund it, but then went way over what I had anticipated spending. I spent all my own personal savings on it as well as two years of my life."

Squires spent part of the last two years between albums in a Buddhist community in rural east Texas which adds a certain element of introspection to his lyrics.

With the media black hole of SXSW just about upon us, let's shed a little light on an unsung hero from Austin.

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