BØRNS covers Divinyls' masturbatory classic I Touch Myself sending breast cancer prevention message


Heartthrob BØRNS doesn't have to make much of an effort to attract female attention. So, what does he do? Covers a song about masturbation. But wait, there is a deeper purpose here.

Discovered by Taylor Swift while he was living in a California tree house, things have been looking up for the photogenic BØRNS ever since. Some of his early material was very singer-songwriter oriented before being painted over with a pop gloss on his debut album. That's what happens when you sell your soul to a major record label.

When in Australia do as the Aussies do like covering the Divinyls' masturbatory classic "I Touch Myself." The song was a number one hit Down Under and made the top five in the United States in the early '90s. Divinyls' lead singer Chrissy Amphlett cowrote the song with her husband, spurring a controversial discourse on the joys of pleasuring oneself into the mainstream. Amphlett passed away in 2013 due to complications from breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

The song took on a new more serious tone when it became a breast cancer prevention anthem in Australia and around the world. Amphlett's dying wish was to use the song as a reminder for all women to check themselves regularly for lumps and other signs of breast cancer. It's ironic how an ode to self-gratification became a mantra for saving lives.

Regardless of your take on BØRNS, give him credit for making the song his own and sending a proactive message to his largely female audience. Oh yeah, the sunglasses must have been stolen from Elton John.

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