A.V. Club Milwaukee editor experiences the ultimate Onion moment

The Onion

It pains Madisonians to hear about the demise of The Onion. The news broke last week that The Onion would cease print publication in the only three cities left that were still doing it; Milwaukee, Chicago and Providence, RI. The final paper editions would come out on December 12.

While the national version of The Onion website will live on in digital infamy, the sad state of the print media in general led to Onion-less newsstands across the country. Matt Wild, editor at the Milwaukee A.V. Club, sits down with Evan Rytlewski of the Sheppard Express and Ryan Schleicher of WMSE on their weekly radio talk show to discuss how it all went down.

The first thing we find out is that Milwaukee is the only city in the country still producing local content online and in print, but that will all end next month. Among the more Onionesque moments in the announcement was how the Milwaukee staff was told about the closing. Right out of a scene from Office Space, Wild says staff members were summoned to the Chicago headquarters to be fired on the very day The Onion was celebrating its 25th anniversary. You can't make this stuff up. Ironically, The Onion had turned into one of its own news stories! Not Surprisingly, Wild passed on the party.

A comment left on the Milwaukee A.V. Club site by someone with the handle of PacificSage put it all into perspective. "The Onion has become irrelevant because media outlets have become The Onion. There is no difference." How true. Have you seen the Cap Times lately?

We have a lot of Milwaukee readers, so it goes without saying that we're sad to see the Milwaukee A.V. Club bite the dust, along with the print edition of The Onion, as they made Brew City just a little more edgy and irreverent. Listen to the full show below via SoundCloud.

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