Brooklyn sax/synth wiz Jonah Parzen-Johnson melds analog sounds with Google Maps

Jonah Parzen-Johnson

Jonah Parzen-Johnson is a Brooklyn, by way of Chicago, purist who records live saxophone and analog synth on two track tape without loops or overdubs. The experimental soloist is on tour supporting a new album Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow on Primary Records. Parzen-Johnson stops by Bright Red Studios in Madison on Saturday night for a musical conversation about the negative effects of nostalgia on creativity and his crusade to look to the future for inspiration. He refers to his creative energy as lo-fi folk with a minimalist synth attitude.

The first video off the new album is ““I Wrote A Story About You, Without You,” melding footage of imaginary tales people make up about strangers interlaced with still shots from Google Street View. The effect is powerful bringing a sense of alienation and foreboding that may inhabit the mind of a voyeur.

Jonah told Animal New York:

“The video was made by Vanessa Haddad and Adam Gundersheimer. They used Adobe After Effects, along with other software, and a ton of time and energy, to distort and blend still images from Google Maps into video, and then combine them with video taken around Brooklyn.”

Jonah considers audience interaction key to delivering his message. While the eclectic nature of his swirling soundscapes may seem isolating that human connection inherent in all of us is what makes it real for the listener.

6/13 Jonah Parzen-Johnson @ Bright Red Studios
w/ Lovely Socialite Mrs. Thomas W. Phipps and Tar Pet
$5 // All Ages // 7:30 PM Doors
9 N Ingersoll, Madison, Wisconsin 53703
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