Madison Expats Sleeping in the Aviary Release New Album

Sleeping in the Aviary has always been unpredictable. From straight ahead power punk to acoustic indie folk, the band has never been shy of exploring new music genres. Their live shows have become infamous for a satirical circus-like atmosphere where anything goes and that’s just the way they like it.

The Minneapolis quintet has a new release “You and Me, Ghost” just out on Madison’s Science of Sound records. Following on the footsteps of “Great Vacation” that came out late last year, the band have become certified road dogs, crisscrossing the country, bringing their brand of "fuzzed-out doo-wop” to indie audiences everywhere. A Madison CD release party is set for Friday, Sept. 9th at the UW Memorial Union Rathskeller.

If the first single off the record “Talking out of Turn” is any indication, Sleeping in the Aviary is headed for a very successful run with their upcoming tour. We pulled vocalist/guitarist Elliott Kozel away from his Minneapolis apartment long enough to answer a few questions for us:

Sleeping in the Aviary

Sleeping in the Aviary - Talking Out of Turn
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The first track we’ve heard “Talking Out of Turn” from the new album “You and Me, Ghost” is definitely different than anything on your last release. What was the attitude like while recording the new album?

The attitude was "Let’s get it done with as quickly as possible and try not to think too hard about it." We also wanted to make it dirtier and nastier than the last. We wanted to capture the feeling of us as a live band and limit ourselves to the 16 tracks on the tape machine so we didn’t go all bonkers with the overdubs like on Great Vacation. I tried to make sure I was drunk before I did any vocal takes. Sorry Ricky, I stole some of your whiskey from your liquor cabinet.

Was there a conscious effort to move in a particular direction for “You and Me, Ghost”?

Yes, we wanted to get to a more pure simple sound and make sure there is always an instrument on every song mixed "too loud". All the songs are personal in nature so I would say they are a lot more heartfelt than the last album. Pretty much all the songs are about girls in some way. There is definitely none of the made-up bullshit about scuba diving or anything like that. It’s not that I consciously started writing this way, it just happened like that because of my old friend loneliness. I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years right before I started writing all these songs, so yeah, its "one of those break-up albums."

One of the things we like the most about Sleeping in the Aviary is the band’s sense of humor. It seems to come through in the song lyrics and stage show. How do you keep that loose spontaneity going, even after months on the road?

It's really the only way to stay sane on the road for months and months. If we played the same set every night and didn't leave room for a little chaos here and there,we would be bored to tears and would probably all quit the band and go back to working at Pizza Hut. That's why I enjoy things like strings breaking and getting half empty PBR cans thrown at me and power going out in the middle of our last song and all sorts of stuff like that.

Our requisite road dog question. Sleeping in the Aviary toured quite extensively in 2011. What’s the weirdest thing that happened to you on the road this year?

Someone got shot about 15 feet away from Phil trying to sleep in the van in New Orleans, but I guess that's not all that weird. During our set in Charleston, SC a drunk driver in a minivan crashed into the side of the bar we were playing at and his horn went off for about 15 minutes. He survived. But I guess that's not that weird either. One night in Tennessee a raccoon somehow got into our van and ate all of our trail mix as we slept inside a stranger's house. He couldn't figure out how to get back out and in the morning we found him and man oh man he was freaking out.

What are the future plans for the band after the new record comes out in September? You’ve got a gig coming up in Madison, right?

Yeah we are paying in Madison Sept 9th at the Rathskeller for our album release. We are gonna go on tour out to the east coast and down south until the end of October. Then Kyle is going to Ecuador and Celeste is going to India. I'm probably gonna work on recording a band up here called Teenage Moods and try to get my children singer thing called Googly Guy off the ground so I can figure out some way to make a living off of this music thing. Lord knows Sleeping in the Aviary ain't payin' anyone's bills anytime soon.

Sleeping in the Aviary Tour Dates

Sept 2 Schuba's
(w/ Dastardly, Paper Thick Walls) Chicago, IL

Sept 3 Patti Mayonaisse
(w/ Hunger Strike Riot, Dirty Rotten So and Sos) Appleton, WI

Sept 8 Triple Rock Social Club
(w/ Night Moves, Brute Heart, Red Pens) Minneapolis, MN

Sept 9 Memorial Union/Rathskeller
(w/ Nice Purse) Madison, WI

Sept 10 Frank's Power Plant
(w/ Squidbotz, John Muther: Adventure Music) Milwaukee, WI

Sept 16 Coffman Memorial Union Campus Arts Festival
(Free, at Noon) Minneapolis, MN

Sept 16 Basement
(w/ Good Grief, Terminated Television) Steven's Point, WI

Sept 17 Double Door
(w/ Archie Powell and the Exports, Bright Light Social Hour, Chaperone) Chicago, IL

Sept 18 Beauty Shop Fairield, IA

Sept 19 Division Avenue Arts Collective Grand Rapids, MI

Sept 20 The Blind Pig
(w/ The Dodos) Ann Arbor, MI

Sept 21 Gourley House (House Show) Bloomington, IN

Sept 22 Melody Inn
(w/ Amo Joy) Indianapolis, IN

Sept 23 Lager House
(w/ Pink Lightning, Hand Grenades, Phantom Cats) Detroit, MI

Sept 24 Ottawa Tavern
(w/ GOLD) Toledo, OH

Sept 25 South Park Tavern Dayton, OH

Sept 26 Boo Box Cleveland, OH

Sept 27 Thunderbird Café
(w/ Delicious Pastries, Josh Verbanets of Meeting of Important People) Pittsburgh, PA

Sept 28 The Station
(w/ Your Children is Beautiful, Giant Mind) Philadelphia, PA

Sept 29 Bruar Falls
(w/ Talkie Walkie, Genuine Imitations, Puppies, Fish Doctor) Brooklyn, NY

Sept 20 TBA Troy, NY

Oct 1 House Show Lowell, MA

Oct 2 Shea Stadium
(w/ American Sun, The Marsh Hens, Mister Melt) Brooklyn, NY

Oct 4 The Middle East
(w/ The Late Greats, Doctors Fox) Cambridge, MA

Oct 5 Velvet Lounge
(w/ Paperhaus, The Wild Fruits) Washington, D.C.

Oct 6 Sprout
(w/ Tungs) Richmond, VA

Oct 7 Yerducken House Raleigh, NC

Oct 8 Tin Roof Charleston, SC

Oct 9 Haunted House
(w/ Can't Kids, Hauswerk) Columbia, SC

Oct 11 Elliott's Revue
(w/ Company) Winston-Salem, NC

Oct 12 Sewarcide Mansion House Show
(w/ Company) Charlotte, NC

Oct 13 TBA Athens, GA

Oct 14 The 529
(w/ Sealions, The Mad Flight) Atlanta, GA

Oct 15 Retrofit Records Tallahassee, FL

Oct 16 The Saint
(w/ In Elevators) New Orleans, LA

Oct 17 Dalzell house Shreveport, LA

Oct 18 Super Happy Funland Little Rock, AR

Oct 19 Smoke and Barrel
(w/ A+ Setup, Opium Den Pool Party) Fayetteville, AR

Oct 20 Super Happy Funland Houston Houston, TX

Oct 21 Hole in the Wall
(w/ GASHCAT, Scan Hopper ) Austin, TX

Oct 22 The Ten Eleven San Antonio, TX

Oct 24 Soundpony Tulsa, OK

Oct 25 Kirby's Wichita, KA

Oct 26 Cold House Kansas City, MO

Oct 27 Clawfoot House Lincoln, NE

Oct 28 Hell's Kitchen
(w/ Buffalo Moon) Minneapolis, MN

Oct 29 Hexagon
(w/ Buffalo Moon, Toxic Shrews) Minneapolis, MN

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